Skanssi, shopping centre.

Shopping Centre Skanssi has 95 000 m2 of heated and cooled area with over 90 shops. The purpose is to switch to carbon neutral geothermal energy.​ Adven designed and implemented the overall project including design of the energy solution and selection of heat pumps.​ Geoenergy boreholes support free green energy for heating and cooling with high COP values all year round.

Project details

  • Type: HPCY

  • Year of Submission: 2020

  • Funding From: Private

  • Continent: Europe

  • Country: Finland

  • City: Turku

  • Organisation: Rototec Group

  • Sector Of Application: Commercial

  • Renovation: yes

  • Social Housing: no

  • Industrial: no

  • Website: -

  • Special Consideration: no

  • Resource Prezentation: yes

  • Extra Resources: no

Remarks: -