Renovation of an old house in St. Margarethen an der Raab, Styria, Austria

As the end consumer wanted to move away from his existing gas heating system for his 300 m2 house which is built in 1980, a new 13 kW high-temperature heat pump as a main heating system is installed and existing biomass boiler is kept as a secondary source. Additionally, HP is connected to existing PV system, which was 1 year old. 

This project is a best practice example, as it shows how easy and uncomplicated is to replace an old fossil heating system with a heat pump and how significant heating cost saving can be accomplished even the house is older than 40 years (heating cost comparison details are in remarks). 

Energy cost comparison after 1 year of operation:

  • old heating system: 
    37.000 kWh gas consumption @ €0,07 = €2.590
    (+ 4 solid meters of wood (~6.000kWh) @ €280/year)
  • new Heat pump system: 
    total electricity consumption 16.000kWh – own electricity production 5.000 kWh = 11.000kWh – 3.000kWh household electricity consumption = 8.000kWh for the HP @ €0,20 = €1.600 = SCOP ~2,9 @55°C LWT
    (+ 4 solid meters of wood (~6.000kWh) @ €280/year

Project details

  • Type: People's Choice

  • Year of Submission: 2022

  • Funding From: Private

  • Continent: Europe

  • Country: Austria

  • City: St. Margarethen an der Raab

  • Organisation: Daikin Austria

  • Sector Of Application: Residential

  • Renovation:

  • Social Housing:

  • Industrial:

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