Perfect CIRCpUMPSTAiNClES CIRCular Economy for residential heat pUMps – SuSTAiNable Heat Pump (Re-)CyClES

•Typically, heating systems in buildings operate for decades

•Thus, we typically buy heating systems for decades

•We offer a heat pump as a heating service for 20 years, but exchange it more often to maximize the delivered services (on the right side)

•Due to frequent exchanges (every 5 years), we get data on correct heat pump design, installation, operation and aging.

•Therefore, the user can get the personal best heat pump for his home.

•The core idea in the direction of the circular economy in this context is that the heat pump is extremely quick to assemble and disassemble, maintain and clean, so that recycled heat pumps can return to the market refreshed after 5 years.