Moholt 50|50

Use of CLT reduces the CO2 emissions more than 50% compared to a traditional steel and concrete building

Project details

  • Type: HPCY

  • Year of Submission: 2017

  • Funding From: Public

  • Continent: Europe

  • Country: Norway

  • City: Trondheim

  • Organisation: Sit (owner and customer), AF Energi & Miljøteknikk (Energy central and distribution), Veidekke (CLT buildings)

  • Sector Of Application: Residential

  • Renovation: yes

  • Social Housing: no

  • Industrial: no

  • Website:

  • Special Consideration: Special recognition for best visualisation of the heat pump technology

  • Resource Prezentation:

  • Extra Resources:

Remarks: We have made a film (in Norwegian) where we describe the project, link: