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Lippulaiva Shopping Centre

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  • Europe
  • Posted 2 weeks ago

The heating and cooling of the shopping centre will be produced by renewable, carbon-neutral geothermal energy derived from the bedrock. Lippulaiva will use all of the heating and cooling energy provided by the plant, so the energy production will be local.

The total installed heat pump capacity is 4000kW, equalling 500 residential house heat pump systems. The shopping centre’s gross leasable area is 42,000 square metres, while the geothermal power plant will provide heating and cooling for of a gross area of 57,000 square metres in total. In addition to the leasable premises, the system provides heating and cooling for the parking garage (40,000 square metres) and to the service floors located in connection to the shopping centre. A total of 170 geothermal wells will be drilled into the bedrock underneath Lippulaiva. Each of the wells will be approximately 300–350 metres deep, making the total length of the wells in the system over 50 kilometres.

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