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Zero-emission district heating for Runosmaki residential area in Finland

Stoltinkatu 2, 20360 Turku, Finland
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  • Europe
  • Posted 4 weeks ago

The local district heating company of the residential area (6000 inhabitants) of Runosmäki in Turku, Finland, wanted to reduce the share of bought energy and CO2 emissions. They executed a project for a new type of heating plant. Special attention was paid to the design of the building, and e.g. cor-ten steel was used a cladding material.

3 MW AmbiHeat –heat pump plant utilizes energy from outdoor air (-15°C…+30°C or higher) as zero-emission heat. By utilizing energy obtained from outdoor air, Runosmaen Lampo Oy will reduce CO2 emissions as much as 3000 tons per year and significantly lower the energy prices to the residents of the area.

Heat pump plant produces energy from outdoor air up to 20 GWh per year.

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