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Warszauer Hotel in Cracow

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Warszauera 10, Kraków, Poland
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  • Posted 4 weeks ago

Warszauer Hotel is a boutique hotel located in Cracow in very old district called „Kazimierz” – the former Jewish district, and currently one of the most attractive tourist districts of Cracow. Old building was demolished due to its poor condition and completely new facility was built. Hotel is located on a narrow space of only 141 m2, between an old 4-store tenement house and Synagogue from XVII century.

For heating and cooling of the whole building an air-to-air heat pump was used – heat recovery Daikin VRV system. For hot water production 3 x air-to-water Daikin Altherma heat pumps were used. What is more a single air-to-water Daikin Altherma heat pump was used for pre-cooling and pre-heating of fresh air for ventilation purposes.

Very important for the investor was the low sound level in the rooms, that is why the ventilation ducts are made from glass wool which has very good sound attenuation properties.

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