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High Temperature heatpump at former Cruise Ship SS Rotterdam, in use as a Hotel

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Rotterdam, Netherlands
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  • Europe
  • Posted 4 weeks ago

The SS Rotterdam is located in Rotterdam and was the legendary former flagship of the Holland America Line, 228 meters long, 28 meters wide, 61 meters high, rich in history and renowned for its cultural-historical value. ​The main goal is to achieve energy savings. The owner of the hotel boat had made an energy-savings scan with the engineers, they found out that there was a huge loss of energy between the location where the energy was coming from ashore and the boat, due to the length of piping. The solution for the transport loss is to place a heat pump on board, in order to generate the heat and cold where they are needed. As a result, the ship is much less dependent on the connections with the energy station on shore for its energy supply.​

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