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Cooling and heating – a highly efficient symbiosis for datacentres

Grønvej 1, 6430 Nordborg, Denmark
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  • Europe
  • Posted 4 weeks ago

•Demonstrate simplicity and symbiosis efficiency potential of heating and cooling by retrofitting data center air-cooled chiller system to water-water heat pumps, providing data center primary cooling and recovering heat to campus and community district heating, with heat pump controlled by leaving hot water (vs chilled water) temperature

•Show added efficiency potential from utilizing a series-series counterflow 2-circuit heat pump configuration, enabled by higher hydronic heating system supply/return temperature difference

•Demonstrate added efficiency resulting from the relatively high and increasing data center cooling system temperatures

•Demonstrate ‘2N’ redundancy which water-water heat pump primary cooling and existing air-cooled chiller backup enables, along with the district heating resiliency from data center backup power system also for water-water heat pump heating.

•Demonstrate performance and reliability of a heat pump integrating full portfolio of Danfoss technology

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