INNOVA WLHP – waterloop HP

The gradual shift of the global energy system towards electricity will be fundamental to the decarbonization process; In a large-scale replication scene in large existing buildings (condominiums / suburbs), combined with the redevelopment of the envelope, there is a need to rethink plant interventions that minimize the impact on users, allowing continuity of living.
The existing distribution system is maintained at a neutral temperature of about 25 ° C thanks to a centralized heat pump, in place of the high-temperature fossil generator. The existing terminals are replaced with WLHP heat pumps, which allow you to make the second temperature jump in the room harnessing the energy of water loop system.
Heating and cooling without intervening on the distribution.

Project details

  • Type: People's Choice

  • Year of Submission: 2022

  • Funding From: Private

  • Continent: Europe

  • Country: Italy

  • City:

  • Organisation: Innova

  • Sector Of Application: Residential

  • Renovation:

  • Social Housing:

  • Industrial:

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