HPCY2020 winners proclamation

On the 17th of November 2020, we celebrated the 10th edition of the  Heat Pump City of the Year award (#HPCY).

On this special occasion we awarded four winners of the 2020 edition in the categories

DecarBuilding, DecarbIndustry, Next Generation Heat Pump, HPCY. 

 (Due to the current COVID-19 situation the event was held online, with more than 40 attendees).

The HPCY award aims at awarding the best and innovative projects which involve heat pumps on local, residential, and industrial levels with the most innovative application in the market.

For this 10th edition we received 32 applications from all around the world, and we are enthusiastic that our prestigious HPCY award is growing, collecting every year more and more interesting projects which show how heat pumps are a valuable source in the decarbonization path in Europe.

We want to thank again all the participants and the jury of experts… 

… and the awarded projects for the 2020 edition are:

Heat Pump City of the Year Award: 

“Together Housing Group Multi-regional Shared Loop Ground Source Heat Pump Project” project, presented by Patrick Berry (Together Housing Group). This application involves the rollout of renewable sources in social housing in the UK. Since the project started, they completed 473 properties and 510 more units to complete this year. 
The application promotes the fight against energy poverty, providing a reliable and renewable heating solution that allows up to 45% savings on running cost and significant improvement in control via off-the-shelf timeclock and thermostat. The heat pumps installed use smart controls that allow for heating to be controlled via AI which learns building requirements and optimizes heat pump operation to run on the lowest cost/carbon electricity.


“Gare Maritime Brussels” project, presented by Kurt Corvers (boydens engineering).
This application is about a full renovation of Gare Maritime in Brussels, into a new and efficient space of 45000m2 addressed to offices and commercial areas. The building is completely fossil-free, and it is using geothermal energy (H&C network) via 22 heat pumps, 17.000m² PV on the roof, and 3.000m² BIPV in the South façade.


“Large heat pump for combined H&C” project, presented by Einer Lyduch (TAARNBY utility) and Anders Dyrelund (Ramboll). 
New district cooling grid with a 2,000 m3 chilled water tank and a heat pump station 4,5 MW cooling / 6,5 MW heating connected to the Greater Copenhagen district heating system for combined heating and cooling. Surplus cooling capacity is used to cool the treated wastewater (to extract heat from it) in optimal operation concerning power prices and the value of the heat in the district heating system. The application aims to deliver cost-effective, reliable low carbon cooling to buildings in the new Kastrup Business District in Taarnby, in total around 170,000 m2 of floor area.

Next Generation Heat Pump:

“Energy recycling system for grocery stores of Kesko Oyj” project, presented by Tuomo Niemelä (Granlund Consulting Ltd).
The application Aim to have the grocery store properties almost emission-free and carbon neutral. The principle is to recycle all possible waste energy flows from the grocery store and to utilize them for heating of the property. 
 The heating energy consumption of the grocery store properties is reduced by 80-95 percent with the help of the energy recycling system.

Video of the event available below.

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