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Meet the winners of the HPA2021 edition!

Meet the winners of the HPA2021 edition!

Meet the winners of the HPA2021 edition!

Meet the winners of the HPA2021 edition!

Watch the recording of the Ceremony here.

On September 29th we celebrated the 11th edition of the Heat Pump Award (HPA) on a hybrid Ceremony taking place in the context of the European Heat Pump Association’s Heat Pump Forum at Gare Maritime, Brussels, building winner of the Decarbuilding category in 2020.

On this special occasion we awarded five excellent projects in five categories: Heat Pump City of the Year, Decarbuilding, DecarbIndustry, Out of the Box Heat Pump and a new addition from this year, the People’s Choice Award, which aimed at recognising the most popular heat pump project of the edition by online public vote.

The HPA’s core objective is to award the most outstanding heat pump projects on local, residential, and industrial levels with the most innovative application in the market. For this 11th edition we received 33 applications from all around the world, which collected 33 different visions on how heat pumps are a valuable source in the decarbonisation path in Europe.

We would like to thank again all the participants, the jury of experts that evaluated the submissions and the public that voted for their favourite project.

The awarded projects for the 2021 edition are:

Heat Pump City of the Year Award:

“Queens Quay Heat Pump Project” introduced by Patrick Crombez, General Manager Heating and Renewables, Daikin Europe, and accepted by Michael McGuiness,  Economic Development Manager, West Dunbartonshire Council.

The project had as core objectives combatting the levels of fuel poverty in West Dunbartonshire by producing more affordable heating and hot water as well as reducing carbon emissions for the Queens Quay development to a minimum.

The scheme comprised of an energy centre housing two x 2.65MW water source heat pumps, a 130,000-litre thermal store and back up gas boilers which adds resilience and contributes towards the 20MW peak demand.  The heat pumps and thermal store can deliver approximately 82% of the peak demand at final development build-out and in early years will provide greater than 95% of the heat demand.

Decarbuilding Award

“Heat Pump as a key enabler in achieving a positive energy buildingIntroduced by Barbara Priesching, Global Business Unit Manager Heat Pumps & Renewables, Vaillant and accepted by Andrea Vallejo, Vice President & General Manager Global Industrial Refrigeration, Johnson Controls.

Powerhouse Brattørkaia is a positive-energy building, meaning that it produces more energy than it consumes. The surface of the building is covered in solar cells to generate electricity, and this leaves a 5% surplus in the grid for the benefit of the city. Powerhouse Brattørkaia is the first building of its kind in Norway and a pioneering project in terms of technology, energy efficiency and production of green energy. The very dense construction of the building, good ventilation and optimal use of the sun and other renewable energy sources ensure greatly reduced energy consumption.

Decarbindustry Award

“Zero emission heat for Orion medical factory” Introduced by Florent Jourde, European Affairs, EDF and accepted by Petri Vuori, CEO, Calefa

The modular AmbiHeat® heat pump plant utilizes waste heat from the production processes of Orion and energy from outdoor air (-15⁰C … +30⁰C), producing zero emission heat (up to +90 ⁰C) for the district heating network of the medical factory. Calefa designed and delivered a modular heat pump plant as a turnkey solution to Orion Oyj.

The system improves the competitiveness, production security, sustainability and responsibility of the factory. By utilizing waste heat from their own production and energy obtained from outdoor air, Orion will reduce the need of purchased energy by as much as 70%.

Out of the Box Heat Pump Award

“Floating office Rotterdam” Introduced by Thomas Finke Vice President, Residential Heat Pumps, Bosch Thermotechnology, General Manager, Bosch Thermotecknik AB and accepted by Petran van Heel, Development Teamlead, Eteck.

Floating Office Rotterdam is the largest floating office in the world. It is a building for a new age. Off grid and carbon neutral, it floats if water levels rise due to climate change. It forms a key element in a newly redeveloped port environment by providing public waterside space – and even a swimming pool. The building is built entirely of timber and made from a fully demountable skeleton (to minimise its carbon footprint). It will make use of natural energy thanks to 900 m2 of PV-panels. Overhanging balconies around each floor provide shade. The water from the Rijnhaven is used for heating and cooling by using heat pumps with surface water heat exchange. This showcases the building’s mission for sustainability and circularity.

People’s choice Award: the most popular heat pump project

“The earth’s favourite little healthy drinks factory ‘the blender’” Introduced by Holger Thamm, Director Public Affairs, STIEBEL ELTRON GMBH & CO. KG and accepted by Andy Joynson, Director Site Operation, Innocent Drinks and John Van Rooijen, Technical Manager Development manager Sustainable Energy Solutions, GEA.

Aiming to create a carbon neutral factory, in the project the extracted heat is reused and upcycled with two sets of heat pumps to useful temperatures of 2300 kW at 65°C and 2500 kW at 90°C. Total heat demand at these temperatures is generated from waste heat from the refrigeration plant. The now reduced balance of energy required is provided by installing solar panels and 2 windmills.