Heat recovery from drainage water in lignite mining

An essential part of coal mining is to prevent water from seeping into the coal-bed. For that purpose it has to be pumped from down to 500 m back to the surface. While the majority of it is used for the cooling of nearest power-plants, a major part of it is led into the river Erft and from there into the river Rhine.

Project details

  • Type: HPCY

  • Year of Submission: 2016

  • Funding From: Public

  • Continent: Europe

  • Country: Germany

  • City: Bergheim

  • Organisation: Erft-Verband

  • Sector Of Application: Commercial

  • Renovation: no

  • Social Housing: no

  • Industrial: yes

  • Website: -

  • Special Consideration: -

  • Resource Prezentation: yes

  • Extra Resources: no

Remarks: Pictures in application