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Heat Pump Awards: meet 2023 winners and apply for 2024 edition

Heat Pump Awards: meet 2023 winners and apply for 2024 edition

Heat Pump Awards: meet 2023 winners and apply for 2024 edition

Heat Pump Awards: meet 2023 winners and apply for 2024 edition

Are you an innovator in heat pump technology? Do you have a groundbreaking project that deserves recognition? 

Applications are open for the new edition of the Heat Pump Awards, coming back this September. 

Submit your project by 3 August 2024 and celebrate the brightest technologies in the industry, highlighting solutions that push the boundaries of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. This is your chance to showcase your work, gain industry recognition, and contribute to the future of clean heating and cooling. 

Whether you are looking for inspiration or you are simply curious to discover how things went last year, you may not want to miss the “Pushing for innovation in heat pump technology” webinar, featuring the 2023 Heat Pump Award winners and now available for all on YouTube.

The awarded projects of the Heat Pump Award 2023 Edition, sponsored by Italian-based manufacturer Frascold S.p.a, were: 

  • Heat Pump City of the Year Award – “The world’s first CO2-based energy network” presented by Alberto Mian,  ExerGO
  • DecarBuilding Award – “Water-Loop Heat Pump for heating systems retrofit in existing buildings” presented by Ilario Zanetti,  INNOVA Energie
  • DecarbIndustry Award – “How Bosch transformed the Eisenach plant into a pioneer in energy efficiency” by Bosch Building Technologies
  • Lighthouse Heat Pump Award – “Networked Heat Pumps – Heating and Cooling Complex to Decarbonise Homes” presented by Kat RunnallsKensa Utilities 
  • People’s Choice Award – “Decarbonization project with Daikin industrial heat pump solution” presented by Klemens KaltenbacherDaikin Austria.

Winning a Heat Pump Award not only acknowledges your dedication to innovation but also positions you as a leader in the transition to sustainable energy solutions. Previous award winners have gained significant visibility and new opportunities within the industry.

Why Apply?

  • Recognition: stand out as a pioneer in heat pump technology.
  • Exposure: gain widespread visibility within the industry and beyond.
  • Networking: connect with other innovators, industry leaders, and potential partners.

How to Apply:

  1. Visit the “apply now” page here for detailed application guidelines.
  2. Prepare your project documentation, highlighting its innovation, impact, and sustainability.
  3. Submit your application by 3 August 2024.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a group of innovators driving the future of heat pump technology. Apply now and leave your mark in the industry!