Floating Office Rotterdam

Floating Office Rotterdam is the largest floating office in the world. It is a building for a new age. Off grid and carbon neutral, it floats if water levels rise due to climate change. It forms a key element in a newly redeveloped port environment by providing public waterside space – and even a swimming pool. The anchor tenant is the Global Centre on Adaptation (UN sustainability department). Its mission is to develop and share knowledge on climate change.

The building is built entirely of timber and made from a fully demountable skeleton (to minimise its carbon footprint). It will make use of natural energy thanks to 900 m2 of PV-panels. Overhanging balconies around each floor provide shade. The water from the Rijnhaven is used for heating and cooling by using heat pumps with surface water heat exchange. This showcases the building’s mission for sustainability and circularity.

Project details

  • Type: Out of the Box Heat Pump

  • Year of Submission: 2021

  • Funding From: Private

  • Continent: Europe

  • Country: The Netherlands

  • City: Rotterdam

  • Organisation: RED Company, Rotterdam

  • Sector Of Application: Commercial

  • Renovation:

  • Social Housing:

  • Industrial:

  • Website: https://www.powerhouse-company.com/for-office

  • Special Consideration: Out Of the Box Heat Pump

  • Resource Prezentation:

  • Extra Resources: