Energy recycling system for grocery stores of Kesko Oyj.

Granlund Ltd. (designer) together with Tom Allen Senera Ltd. (contractor) and Gebwell Ltd. (technology supplier) have developed together with the grocery group “KESKO” (client) an energy recycling system which is a concept that aims to make the KESKOs grocery store properties almost emission-free and carbon neutral. The heating energy consumption of the grocery store properties is reduced by 80-95 percent with the help of the energy recycling system.​ The basic principle is to recycle all possible waste energy flows from the grocery store and to utilize it for heating of the property.

Project details

  • Type: HPCY

  • Year of Submission: 2020

  • Funding From: Public

  • Continent: Europe

  • Country: Finland

  • City: Helsinki

  • Organisation: Granlund Consulting Ltd.

  • Sector Of Application: Commercial

  • Renovation: yes

  • Social Housing: no

  • Industrial: yes

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  • Special Consideration: NextGenerationHP

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