Coal fired boiler replacement in Beijing rural area

The PM2.5 Beijing decreased from 110ug/m3 to 58ug/m3. Blue skies showed up again in winter of Beijing in 2017. In 2016 and 2017, the coal fired boiler replace program, “coal to clear heating program”, supported around 500,000 units air source heat pump installation in Beijing. And reduce more than 2 million tons coal usage. SO2, NOX, and other pollutions are also reduced a lot.

Project details

  • Type: HPCY

  • Year of Submission: 2018

  • Funding From: Public

  • Continent: Asia

  • Country: China

  • City: Beijing

  • Organisation: China Heat Pump Alliance

  • Sector Of Application: Residential

  • Renovation: no

  • Social Housing: no

  • Industrial: yes

  • Website:

  • Special Consideration: Special recognition for Best International Action

  • Resource Prezentation:

  • Extra Resources:

Remarks: For each household who choose air source heat pump, Government subsidy, 24,000 RM Self-paid, 2,000 to 4,000 RMB Total around 28,000 RMB for one typical air to water heat pump system, not including heat emitter