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Fill in all the Information and Resources (e.g. Pictures) required, indicate in which of the category you want to submit your project (max 1), and use the PowerPoint presentation as a way to showcase and underline the importance, work done and results of your project.

You must select 1 of the following categories to apply:
– Heat Pump City of the Year,
– DecarBuilding,
– DecarbIndustry,
– Lighthouse Heat Pump,

Fill in the form to the right of these instructions, with:
– Your Name;
– Your Email;
– Objective: HPA2024 Application- Title of your Project;
– Attach the filled-in PowerPoint Template (max 10MB).
– Click ‘Submit Project’
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  • Deadline for Applications: 3rd of August

Need more information, please get in touch with us by filling-in the ‘Contact From’ below. And we can guide you through the Application Process.

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    How to apply for the Heat Pump award

    If you have a great project that includes heat pump technologies, please consider submitting it, you could be one of the next winners.

    The competition is open to several categories of applicants:

    • Cities/Regions
    • National associations
    • Heat Pump Manufactures 
    • Project Managers
    • Any other person involved in the project development