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    Picture: Ossip van Duivenbode

    The Heat Pump Award

    The Heat Pump Award (HPA) is an EHPA project which recognises the most efficient, smart and sustainable Heat Pump project at the local level.

    The Heat Pump Award was launched in 2011 under the name Heat Pump City of the Year Award (HPCY) to highlight cities and regions that have put in place an energy efficient project which takes advantage of Heat Pump technology.

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    The project aims to :

    · Collect best practice examples of Heat Pumps in urban areas to present to EU authorities

    · Create role models for those who still hesitate to change

    · Raise people’s awareness of the potential of Heat Pumps

    · Recognise the innovative and continues work in the sector

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    #HPA2022 Winning Projects Brochure

    In 2022, we received 51 applications coming from all over Europe and beyond, but only 5 of them were awarded.

    We are delighted to introduce the Heat Pump Award’s Winning projects of 2022 booklet in which you can discover the secrets of the awarded projects of the Heat Pump Award 2022 edition.

    Stats since 2011:

    · 39 participating countries from Europe and beyond

    · 253 submissions (each year we receive more than the previous)

    · 193 participating cities

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